Food that You Need to Taste in Venice

Vacation is almost always synonymous with food. This is true especially if you will be going to another city or country. An Amsterdam holiday would mean you have to try stroopwafel. A Philippines trip would entice you to taste balut. This will also be the same feeling when you go to Venice. You will never find some of the food on our list even if you search and shop online for these using aliexpress coupons and save more. You will only see them when you step foot on the streets of Venice.


Sarde in Saor

Venice is widely popular because of the water that surrounds the city. Because of the vastness of the water, you can also anticipate that the food that Venice will be popular with is seafood.

One of the major dishes that our million website visitors should try is the Sarde in Saor. It is a sardine with a sweet and sour taste. The sardine is marinated in vinegar with a mix of onions, raisins, and pine nuts. As you can expect, vinegar is the main ingredient used by people to preserve their food. Sarde in Saor is no different. But the Sarde in Saor has evolved and has continued to satisfy the cravings of locals and tourists who want to have the taste of sweet and sour fish with a tangy touch.


RisottoRice is a staple food in Venice. You will see rice in almost every part of the meal for Italians. If you are going to Venice using free tickets, you need to try their risotto. One of the most popular types of risotto that Venice is known for is the seafood-based risotto. The main ingredient for the risotto is the squid. The ink may look and taste unique especially for those who are trying it for the first time. But the combination of squid, tomato, and ink makes it a very palatable dish.


Another food that will not be missing on an Italian table is the pasta. You have to taste the Bigoli in Salsa that is a delicacy in Venice. The thick strands of the pasta are mixed with salsa that is composed of onions and fish.