What is the Italian Culture?

Oftentimes, we are influenced by what we watch in the movies. We see people and cities based on how they are portrayed in films. Our website visitors and targeted traffic can rest assured that a part of how they are seen in movies is true. But the only way to truly feel and understand the culture in Italy, you must go and visit their cities.

The people


Most of the people living in Italy is, well, Italian, about 96% of the total population. The rest is a combination of those who came from parts of Africa and Europe. As you can see, the full-bloodied Italians have maintained the culture that they had centuries ago. Up until today, only a minor part of Italy is occupied by people from other countries.

The language

Because the majority of the people living in Italy is Italian, you can expect that most of the people here speak the same local language. But because the country had been a melting pot of a lot of traders and businesses from other countries, you will encounter people who speak French, German, Greek, Croatian, Walser, Slovakian, and Albanian.

The family relationships

This is part of the movie that is true to the culture of Italy. The people who come from Italy love their families and are attached to them even after they are married. It is the bond and the relationship that is unlike any western traditions wherein a person who is an adult is assumed to go on his own and leave his family. With Italians, they will spend Amsterdam sightseeing holidays together, go on vacation trips abroad, and even spend all of their lives with each other’s families. This is a good thing apparently because they have kept their traditions and beliefs intact up until today.


Italy boasts some of the best-known paintings and sculptures in the world as their own. Coming for the side of the world where art and architecture are nurtured and fostered, you can expect Italy to produce masterpieces from popular artists. Museums are available in almost all parts of Italy where you can see a plethora of artistic works using museum tickets priced for free. The best designs of buildings can be seen here. Even fashion houses come from Italy. You can check out tech blogs about the modernization of art from Italy.