What You Should Do In Venice

Just thinking about Venice is enough to make your heart flutter with the idea of being in this romantic city in Italy. You expect that it is comparable to your Amsterdam tour holiday or Tokyo trip. But being in a city that is surrounded by water makes the whole experience unique and special.

What are the things that you can do while you are in Venice?

Walk the streets

Have you ever seen the picturesque streets of Venice on the internet? The stone bricks that have adorned the pavement and the sides of the streets makes the whole strolling a little bit different than the usual walk in the park. Be immersed in the culture that Venice has. Talk to a local and know more about Venice better than what you can read on a normal book. Get a sniff of the bread and the rice that is cooked as street food. Smell the fried fish or the salted sardines that are available at the streets for your convenience. Walking the streets will prove to be more surprising than you could ever think.

Go to St. Mark’s Square

This place is the heart of Venice. It is one of the most-often used areas in movies. You will see a lot of pigeons that are very willing to join you on your tour of Venice. Feel free to feed these pigeons. Just don’t get pooped by these guys, okay?

If you like observing people, then St. Mark’s Square is the right place to visit. Because this is a major area of Venice, lots of people go here to eat and to go to other streets of the city. Watch how each person is different yet similar like a buscar pareja. Some are locals while others are tourists. Enjoy the unique behaviors that each shows as they live their own lives in Venice.

Go up the Campanile di San Marco

For those who want to have a bird’s eye view of Venice, you can climb up the Campanile di San Marco. It has an elevator going to the top. The challenge here is waiting in line with other tourists who want to go up the bell tower.